110209  Release Mrbig-0.23.0.

110202  Add support for reporting procs and svcs monitoring under
        alternate host names, configurable per process & service.

110102  Avoid looping on double faults in exception handler.
        Revert the disk report to use kilobytes to avoid breaking
          compatibility with scripts that parse it.
        Document commandline for installing under a different service name.
        Release Mrbig-0.22.0.
101112  Remove 5kB hardcoded report size limit in another place.

101025  Clean up external script handling and bump default report size
        limit to 16kB.
        Release MrBig-0.21.0.

101008  Restore Windows 2000 support that was broken in 0.20.0 due to
        lack of AddVectoredExceptionHandler support in kernel32.dll.

101006  Fix support for >2TB disks in disk.c

100929  rewrote mrsend() and recv_cfg() to use non-blocking sockets w/ timeout

100823  build with mingw-w64-1.0 / gcc-4.5.1 toolchain 
	import sources to qbranch SVN
	add usage()
	ship releases w/ debugging info so gdb, addr2line et. al work
	fix warnings
	remove DOS linebreaks
	fix 64-bit pointer cast issues
	build with -O2 instead of -O3
	log crashes to c:\mrbig_crash.txt with time, stacktrace and ctx dump
	released version 0.20.0

100401	Commented out #include  in mrbig.h.

090121	Allow the service to be installed with another service name:
	mrbig -iSomeOtherServiceName
	mrbig -uSomeOtherServiceName
	This allows a second instance of Mr Big to be installed and used
	for cluster monitoring.
	Make the maximum report size configurable:
	report_size XXX
	The default size is still 5000 bytes.

090116	msgs.c: Close hTestKey after use.
	Released 0.19.1.

090114	cfg.c: Use cfg.cache- as temporary file when reading configuration.
	In case of error, write the error to cfg.cache- as well as the log.
	Released 0.19.0.

090113	mrbig.c: New directive to set options:
	option [option_name]
	This is used to selectively disable tests:
	option no_cpu|no_disk|no_wmi et al
	All disabled tests except wmi and ext get clear status.

090112	msgs.c: New setting fastmsgs speeds up message processing by only
	looking at the last 64k. Three modes:
	option fastmsgs=on always does does the simplified processing
	option fastmsgs=off always reads all the messages
	option fastmsgs=auto (the default) behaves like off unless the file
	fastmsgs.cfg exists in the configuration directory. The file
	can be empty.

081127	procs: list total and unique process count.
	Released 0.18.1.

081120	Released 0.18.0 with complete support for x64 and wmi.

081118	New module wmi.c allows monitoring anything that is
	available from wmi.

081113	Display architecture in cpu status page.
	Changed format of disk status page to not confuse the
	rrd module do_disk.c in hobbit.
	New test for memory in memory.c. Status page is compatible
	with the rrd module do_memory.c in hobbit.

081112	Multi-architecture build environment.

081110	Beta release of native 64-bit version.

081106	In procs.c: allow process names in double quotes, e.g.
	"Ulric fibbar.exe" 1 2
	Released 0.17.0

080130	More debugging code in msgs.c.

080122	Fixed a bug in the memory debugging code.
	Released 0.16.1.

071211	Added new filtering rule for messages: perform action based on
	log name. Example:
	ignore log Application
	Released 0.16.0.

070824	Updated ext_test.c to allow tests to be performed on behalf of
	other machines. This is done by specifying the file name as

070227	Added a bit of debugging to disk.c.

070118	New debugging option memsize.
	Bugfix: the information eventlog type was not handled at all.
	Completely eradicated all use of snprintf and strlcat.
	Released 0.14.0.

061212	Several changes in mrbig.c to run better on Longhorn.
	Released 0.13.4.

061205	In cpu.c: replaced GlobalMemoryStatus with GlobalMemoryStatusEx.
	Released 0.13.3.

061123	More specific error messages from winsock code. Specifically
	WSAGetLastError() is included in each mrlog call.
	Released 0.13.2.

061121	New mrbig.cfg option to set debug level:
	debug N
	Released 0.13.1.

061116	Massive rewrite of mrsend et al to implement grace periods
	for alarms that shouldn't fire until after som time.
	New configuration option:
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